Drum Circle Facilitation Training

North Mountain Visitors Center

Fri November 23rd 2018 10:00 am – Sun November 25th 2018 5:00 pm (MST)



Participants will learn key tools that can be applied to personal development, community and business. The Drumming Sounds methodology of facilitation is based on ancient tribal technologies of holding ceremonial space. This practice is about transforming oneself as much as it is about transforming the community.

About Trainer 
Andrew Ecker born from the Apache born to the Irish has been a bridge for community for 21 years he is currently the owner of Drumming Sounds and Wellness Sourcing LLC he has been facilitating community building and developing engaging events for over 2 decades. Andrew specializes in Drum Circle facilitation, motivational speaking, Corporate team building and Wellness Programs, as a trained Healthrhythms facilitator Andrew has been able to work with many nations, churches, businesses, festivals organizations and Individuals and currently facilitates 1 to 5 drum circles a day in Phoenix AZ . Some of the groups Andrew has brought his message of community to are the following The Havasupai Nation , The Navajo Nation, The Hopi Nation, The Yaqui Nation, The Gila River Indian Community, The Tohono O’odham Nation , United States Veterans Administration , The Area Agency on Aging , City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Baha'i Faith , Phoenix First assembly of God , Neotribal the Gathering, Lucidity Festival, Symbiosis Festival, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Blue Star gate and many more… 

Andrew has been a presenter at some of the largest and most influential groups in the state of AZ including, The Arizona Senior Center Association, The Arizona Therapeutic Recreation Association, Arizona Activities Coordinators Association, Assisted Living Federation of Arizona, The AZTEC awards and many more... He will be passing on 21 years of experience in personal development community building and Drum Circle Facilitation, Andrew has received mentorship from some of the best drummers, drum circle facilitators and ceremonialist in the world including Arthur Hull, Christine Stevens, Dr. Barry Bittman, Mamady Keita, Ted Begay, and Linda June Rettinger, and currently owns and operates two successful wellness based businesses. Whether you are interested in new career, just a fun weekend or have desire to transform yourself and your community this 3-day training is for you.

Friday November 23, 2018 10am to 6pm
10am-10:30am Registration meet and greet…

Sacred Circle
10:30am-11:15am Ceremonial Space
Beginning our process together in ceremonial intention opens the senses and gathers the mind this is a time for connecting to the heart and opening the container. We will begin with a prayerful smudge and invite to your spiritual teachers let go and let the weekend begin. 

11:15am-12:45pm Drumming Sounds Facilitated Experience
Andrew Ecker will facilitate an approach to drum circle facilitation that will incorporate his years of experience and training into a 1.5-hour experience that you can use as a template for your own drum circle facilitation practice. This is an example of a simple step by step process that will give you as a professional, or beginner facilitator and deeper understanding into the technologies of the drumming sounds approach. This foundational experience will help to establish a grounding for the rest of the training.

12:45pm-1:45pm Lunch Break
1:45-2:45pm “The Spiral”
Delineating the energetic and spiritual possibilities of a drum circle this is the foundation of the Drumming Sounds approach and really is about a way of viewing life. This process of energetic manifestation and displacement is at the core root of possibility and resonates in a space of serving yourself and all of your relations. This begins the class journey into the deeper big picture of what is going on in a drum circle from a metaphysical observation point. 

2:45pm Break
3pm -4pm “The Circle”
Holding space creating a sacred container for people to embrace the empathetic challenges of connection and how that looks inside the capacity of a Drum Circle overcoming the linear and stepping into infinite… The practice of holding circle as a social, spiritual and community experience has been the catalyst for many Tribal communities and is a part of the basic foundation for a drum circle learning the key ways we approach circle is vital to understand how to use this profound energy. One of the basic tools of facilitation is empowering the collective and maintaining the focus this class will help us define the group container and dynamics within this process.

4:00pm- 5:30pm 4 offices of facilitation 
Understanding the 4 offices of a facilitator, Dictator, Leader, Servant leader and facilitator. As you learn the dynamics of each office your role will be clear and the group will share in this process. This class will equip you to create a safe container for a group and help to identify your roles inside the circle.

5:30pm-6pm Download Sharing circle for the day

Saturday 24th 10am to 6pm 
10am-11:30am 4 Basics foundations
There are four foundational components of a drum circle that have been the catalyst for Drumming Sounds Creating meaningful experiences around the Country. Learning how to incorporate these 4 foundations into your practice will give you tools to enhance the experience of any drum circle.

11:30-12pm Share Download

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm -2:30pm Basic Facilitation Tools
There are some key fundamental tools that will equip you to facilitate a drum circle we will go over these in a workshop type environment in which everyone will be challenged to participate in using these technologies. 

2:45pm 3:00pm Break

3:00pm-4:30pm Drumming Basics
Drumming basics will teach you a simple base for building a musical experience this class will define for you the process of entraining a group to a rhythmic agreement point. We will learn a simple rhythm as a group that will help you as a facilitator to have one in your tools we will look at the teaching opportunities inside the container of teaching a rhythm in a drum circle and the broader metaphor…

4:30pm- 5:30pm Open Drum Circle

5:30pm- 6pm Downloads Share Time

Sunday 25th
11pm -7pm 
11:00pm 1130pm Open Share

1130am- 2pm Vibration programming (Sound Healing) 
Learn the key steps to increasing the energetic displacement and manifestation inside the container of sacred space through the use of Gongs, Didgeridoo, Flute, Tibetan Bowls. Drums and Rattles Gourds and Songs. just experience this will be great place to spend a Sunday. 
break 1pm 
115pm 215pm 
Hands on Sound healing use of gong bowls and chimes in a learning environment 
230pm-330pm Drum Circle tools
Learn tools that can be applied to all aspects of a circle this will give you a practical approach to maintaining the group focus whether it be on music social or a spiritual level. Maintaining any group focus can be a challenge learn some really helpful tools for creating a safe place for people to connect. 

330pm 430pm Community Development 
(Marketing Drum Circle and Sound healing sessions) 
Learn the language that has transformed the Drumming Sounds brand to one of the most active drum circle facilitation companies in the country. These concepts of marketing through experience strategic planning, strategic alliance and brand fortification are all part of the platform that will be discussed. Also beyond the flow of currency this class will leave you inspired to go out and create a better future for yourself, family and community... 

430pm 530pm Dinner 

530pm-630pm Community Drum Circle Open Invite to friends and family this will be a life changer and great way to share your powerful new tools with the community …. 

630pm-7pm Closing Ceremony 
Each participant will receive a certificate of completion as to passing Drumming Sounds Facilitation Level One this will be something special as it will be the first class of many please invite friends and family to wish the best on your completion .. 

Sunday night 8pm-10pm Optional sweat lodge for group.
There will be an opportunity to share in a Native American Purification sweat lodge after the closing ceremony this will be a time of meditation and prayers for a new beautiful life… Depending on participation 

***certificates of completion will be given at end****


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