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Neotribal The Awakening

Neotribal The Gathering

Estrella Mountain Park, 14805 W Vineyard Ave, Goodyear, AZ 85338, USA

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Please read before you give a donation or purchase your ticket

Neotribal the Awakening is a four day ceremonial festival facilitated by multiple community builders from around the world. Participants are called to immerses themselves into the culture of ceremony, art, music, spirituality, healing and community development.

During the four days of this gathering, the Neotribal community (that means YOU) will co-create four distinctive ceremonies to honor all festival participants. These ceremonies are intended to create a sacred container for deep community development and healing.

Neotribal  is a process of IMMERSION into a culture that is truly inclusive::

Honor The EARTH: Remove and Restore Ceremony

There are currently many invasive salt cedar trees that are destroying the ancient beauty of Estrella Mountain Regional Park. This community-based ceremony will remove one of these tree from the park and replace them with indigenous trees that will grow as a constant reminder of our community's commitment to our nation's service people.

Acknowledge THE AIR: Indigenous Elders Ceremony:

Join us for community building ceremony to honor indigenous elders from Arizona and around the country:

This ceremony will engage the elders from the Inter-tribal Senior Center a center that services 14 Native American tribes and the SAN LUCY reservation The event will be facilitate by Mona Polacca of the International Council of 13 indigenous grandmothers LINK also there will be dances done by Larry Yazzie international know sacred dancer LINK .

Heal THE WATER: Neotribal Water Ceremony

Without water, there is no life. Right now is a very powerful time as our brothers and sister are standing up to protect water. Together we will focus our intent to heal our sacred water.  This ceremony will integrate education and ancient tribal celebrations of drumming and dancing to create a space that will enhance our connection with water. facilitated by Sarah Charuk of Cree Nation and her horse Tewa LINK along with ceremonial dancers from the San Carlos Apache reservation and YOU we will hand out drums and put our dancing shoes on to the harness the power of prayerful dance and drumming for the waters..

Restore THE FIRE: Neotribal Fire Ceremony

This will be a time of contemplation and application of all that we experience during the festival. During this ceremony, we will use prayer bundles to carry our intentions and create lasting impact, transcend the elements of mundane life, and create an active existence filled with love and transformation.

Outside of the event’s ceremonies there will be collaborators offering music, art and workshops. Each one of these collaborators offers a discount ticket- please connect with these members to find the best way to purchase your pass.  

Here is a List of Neotribal Community Collaborators with Links to their Facebook pages for information on schedules for the areas offerings and what they are providing Please Follow Links 



Drumming Sounds


The Circus Farm

Blue star Gate

Mother Earth Survival


**Neotribal the Gathering is a nonprofit event Under Groovisim 501c3 all proceeds go back to the festival Collaborators performers and workshop providers  and the cost of providing the ceremonies. Neotribal the Awakening is managed by Wellness Sourcing, LLC and community partners like you. We are now accepting donations and sponsorship.**

**Estrella Mountain park charges a small fee to park your car. You will have to pay this fee in addition to your tickets**

Neotribal is a DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. We aim to a create sacred and cleansing space. Please respect this intention of the event. Respectively, If you are seen drinking or using inside the ceremonies you will be asked to leave.

::We, as active members within the Valley community, have an opportunity to create a celebration that transcends the norm and raises the consciousness and unity of all people; That vehicle is Neotribal the Awakening::

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March 16th, 2017  7:00 amMarch 19th, 2017  10:00 pm